Sunday, January 18, 2009

Made it through another crazy patch! I think, anyway!

Slowly things are returning to calm. Phew! My mom's feeling better, not great, but better. I think we're going to do xmas this weekend! Woo hoo! xmas again! I think I actually like my courses this semester. The house stuff is slow, but I'm feeling better about the entire thing. People seem actually excited that we're going to be close. I think that could be really awesome!

Last week Marc wished for a big storm. I think this one's his fault! I'm giving him a hard time about it but we're both really enjoying it. Who knows, this may be our last big storm here. Uh oh, I don't think there's ANY hill at the new house...hmm, we may need to rethink this!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

holy overwhelmed!

All right, so we made it through Christmas, sort of, because we haven't celebrated with my family yet because my mom was in the hospital for about 3 weeks. But we have mostly taken care of that. Bumpa died Christmas Eve, and I still am not sure how Marc is. My mom has mystery spleen issues, her spleen is actually in Boston now! My brother has kidney disease. Marc blew his knee out about a month ago and is STILL healing. I had my leg fixed. Oh, and let's see, what else? Oh, a friggin house! So, I spent my LAST weekend of vacation fixing this house up so hopefully someone will buy this house, that we love, so we can breath easier! I am a little shocked that my month off went by so quickly, so many plans that never went any further than the planning stage!

And I probably wont get to see my gardens this year. That actually makes me a little sad. BUT, I already have some ideas for the other house. Which, by the way, we haven't even made an offer on because we asked 3 simple questions that no one can seem to answer. I'm starting to wonder if they actually want to sell. Seems like there are so many that are being forced out. It's sad. Anyway, we may find ourselves searching again. Who knows!

Whatever is supposed to happen, will happen...whatever is supposed to happen, will happen...warm fuzzy bunnies

Sunday, December 28, 2008

more pics because now I can!

Avery in her Christmas dress! (her choice, no dress-forcing in this house!)

GB seems to like the race cars Santa brought!

Naptime on the living room floor in new sleeping bags!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

new camera! woohoo!

Avery LOVES the snow this year!

Nora still hates the snow and the cold!
My girls, sharing...I have proof!

Merry Christmas!

So, last year, my Avery, who was 2, asked if Santa was real.  This year, I think she just played along for our sakes!  She was totally skeptical but her eye twinkled when the cookies and carrots were gone!  Nora, on the other hand, woke right up and remembered it was Christmas and came downstairs looking for Santa.  She was displeased when we said he couldn't stay and had lots of kids to bring presents to.  

Nora didn't want to open presents until there were only a few left, mostly to other family members.  Then she dove right in, there may be some re-wraps!  Avery picked out a baby doll for her sister.  I probably should have been more worried when she told me about it and said "Nora will share her with me" because they spent most of the day fighting over that one doll.  You would have thought that was the only gift for both of them!  

Marc got me a new camera!  Digital!  If I can make it work I'll put some new pictures up.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

it's a Charlie Brown Christmas here

So, because this is more than likely our last Christmas in this house, we got a little sentimental (or crazy, maybe!) and decided to cut down our Christmas tree from our own property! Here is the result!

It was definitely a better idea than reality! We dressed the girls up and trekked out into the woods. Of course, it was after the ice storm, so every tree was covered by about 1/4 inch of ice. Nora finds the woods too difficult to walk in and demands to be carried. Oh, and did you know how not like Christmas trees real trees are? We have a LOT of trees back there and this was the best we could do. Somewhere along the way, Addie disappeared. Once we had the tree cut down, we had to get it back to the house, which was just silly. Nora still didn't want to walk and she's getting a bit large and heavy, and add a snowsuit to that and she's not easy to carry. So, Marc carried Nora AND the tree back to the house!

When we got the tree in, Avery had a blast decorating and Nora didn't seem to notice that there even was a tree in the house! Different in every way! It's going to be a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

house hunting and stuff

So, we suddenly decided that we can get more house for our money now than if we wait until we can get what we owe on ours. We just made our third trip of a full day. We got up a little early this time because of the lovely ice storm. The alarm went off at 3:30 a.m. Thankfully, my lovely sister took the girls for a day of fun. We drove all over NH, almost getting stuck on the ice and hit by trees and dodging power lines. That really makes for an interesting, adventuresome day! And on top of it all, most of NH didn't have power and it was COLD, therefore all the houses were also COLD and dark! Overall, there were actually 4 that we like enough to contemplate, 2 that we couldn't get to because of closed roads, one broken lock, and zero cups of coffee (poor Marc!).

So, it was a CRAZY day. But what made up for any moments of suckiness was how incredibly beautiful the storm left everything. We saw the ice glistening in the moonlight as we left our house. We saw the sun rise above the frozen trees. All day we saw the sun sparkling through. Ah, what a day!